Find Your Way at FCOG

Want to Partner on the Jesus Mission Together? 


Rather than a traditional membership, we encourage you to consider a partnership with FCOG. As FCOG becomes your church home, partnership better describes how we all relate to one another, grow together, and serve each other.

Years ago, church membership took on a couple of different forms:

The first blurred the lines between salvation and church attendance. Membership was often understood as being the sign of new life in Christ. The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana), which is our spiritual heritage, wanted to clarify that salvation was found through faith in Jesus alone, not in any formal membership to a church body. We believe that when someone steps into their new life in Jesus, they become a ‘member’ of His bride–the (big C) Church–no matter what local church they attend. She or he then becomes a partner in that local church family.
The second had to do with how people understood and viewed membership. In many organizations, membership grants privileges and rights to the member. This often leads to an entitlement mentality. Partnership, however, suggests that each member brings with him/her responsibility to the whole. As FCOG becomes your church home, you begin to take on some responsibility to the whole of our church. We become partners in the ministry of this local church we call FCOG. Each of us has a role to play, and each of us is a partner to FCOG’s mission.

On Mission Course

At least once a quarter we offer a course called On Mission.  This is the best way for your to learn about how to partner together.  We want to learn about where you are on your spiritual journey.  We want you to learn about the things are passionate about at FCOG, and discover how those things might align with your own purpose and can calling in this life.  

Sunday, March 8  | 12pm-2:30pm | Fellowship Hall
Lunch Served . Childcare Available
Please RSVP below if you want to attend this Course