Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in the gospel!
Every gift is valued, appreciated, and goes a long way in furthering our ministry here in Pryor.

Why do we give?

Personal Reasons

We give thanks to God and partner with the Holy Spirit through habitual giving to cultivate a grateful and generous heart. With deeper giving, we trust our Heavenly Father and find freedom from worry and greed.

Kingdom Reasons

Giving to Creekside means partnering with the gospel locally and globally. Your donation supports pastors, missionaries, and kingdom causes, such as baptisms, counseling, burials, dedications, and nourishing impoverished children in Honduras. Through your giving to Creekside, you are making a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

How do we give?


Our leadership values tithing - giving the first 10% of our income to God - as a simple yet radical practice of keeping priorities in order and trusting God to provide as we seek His kingdom. At Creekside, we direct tithes to the "General Fund," which supports regular church operations.


While tithing is a great tool, God never intended it to place a cap on our generosity. At Creekside, we find joy in giving and seek new ways to bless others and support the gospel through additional offerings. Our offerings go to special funds and ministries like the Building Fund, which expands our ministry capacity, and the Care Fund, which helps those in need.

Where can we give?

General Fund

We encourage giving to the General Fund as a starting point. This fund supports essential church operations and enables specific ministries to function. The General Fund goes beyond keeping the lights on; it makes ministry possible!

Building Fund

Our beautiful facility on the east side of Pryor Creek exists thanks to the generosity and vision of hundreds of people who turned a dream into reality. We believe God has plans to expand our facilities with a chapel, student life center, and more classroom space on our 40-acre property. Who knows what else God has in store for us!

Care Fund

Caring for others is our priority, beginning with our church family and extending to our community. The Care Fund receives donations that are managed by our Care Team, a group of volunteers who assess needs and provide resources when possible.

GenNOW Fund

Creekside’s vibrant ministries for kids and students don’t happen by accident. Generous offerings to this fund allow us to invest deeply in our youngest generations. We desire to raise up a generation who knows and loves the Lord!

Cafe Fund

One of our boldest ministry endeavors to-date is a beautiful, operational coffee house! Heritage Cafe not only serves as a great, missional gathering place for our community but also as a job training and discipleship program for women coming out of incarceration.

Missions Fund

The Missions Fund enables our church to support missionaries, mission organizations, and projects both in our local community and around the world.

Make your donation

There are multiple ways you can give here at Creekside!

You can make a safe and secure one time or recurring donation to the right. There are also black offering boxes at the entrances to our sanctuary to place your donation. There is also a drop box outside our office to use outside of regular operating hours.  If you prefer to give by check please mail it to PO Box 1091 Pryor OK 74362.

Please note that we will keep a record of your giving and mail you a statement each January for your tax deduction purposes.

Please direct any questions to the email below, we are happy to answer any questions!