About Creekside Students

Our ministry is reliant on a partnership with parents. The Church provides encouragement, guidance, clarity, love, acceptance and resources. Parents commits to continue learning, teaching, modeling, and talking about their faith with their kids. The years between childhood and adulthood are the most formative of anyone’s life, and a spiritual life is no different. Our goal as a church family is to use this time to train disciples who can articulate, express, and act on the faith they have in Christ.

When we meet:

Sunday Morning

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for spiritual growth and deepening your knowledge of the Bible. Join us every Sunday at 9:30 for our Student Mission Group, where you'll cultivate valuable study skills and engage in meaningful discussions that will empower and inspire you on your faith journey.

In our Sunday morning sessions, we go beyond surface-level discussions by equipping you with valuable Bible study skills. Discover how to effectively interpret Scripture, apply its principles to your life, and develop a stronger foundation in your faith. Our passionate leaders are committed to guiding you through this transformative journey of understanding and growth.

Wednesday Night

Join us for Wednesday Night Student Group, our main gathering each week from 6:00 to 7:30. Experience an evening filled with excitement, growth, and connection. Engage in weekly games that foster camaraderie among fellow students, followed by powerful worship that connects us deeply with God.

After the worship, be ready for a thought-provoking lesson that tackles relevant topics, accompanied by meaningful discussions. Our passionate leaders are dedicated to guiding you through life's challenges and offering practical, biblical insights. In our cherished small group time, you'll form deeper connections with trusted peers and supportive small group leaders. Share your thoughts, questions, and experiences in a safe space where you'll be heard and uplifted.

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